At Utsaah, we believe that schools are the single most critical agents of social transformation.

We partner with schools in their endeavor to take learning beyond the classrooms. We support schools in building the capabilities of reflective thinking, emotional awareness, environmental sensitivity and ethical leadership in participants using cultural exposure, adventure experiences and sustained community engagements.

We work with you to ensure that our program offerings are tailored to the learning needs of your school

We encourage participants to explore and understand the cultural diversity of the world around them. Through exposure to a variety of facets ranging from linguistics and religion to traditions and world view, participants are inspired to appreciate the value of diversity and develop the open-minded outlook of a truly global citizen.


Participants are inspired to redefine their own perceived limitations, be they physical, mental or emotional, and discover excellence within themselves. Adventure experiences, ranging from camp-based programs to high intensity expeditions are used to engage participants in exploring leadership, collaboration, conflict and decision-making so they emerge as stronger, more confident individuals who set and lead by example.


We inspire participants to make a difference through greater civic and social engagement. Through sustained interactions, participants are encouraged to investigate, understand and reflect upon the needs of diverse communities. Instilled with a sense of empathy and compassion, participants are empowered to make meaningful contributions to society.

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At Utsaah, safety is an attitude.

Our governing principles

  • We address safety at multiple levels, ensuring the physical, mental and emotional security and well-being of participants
  • We follow world-class Standards of Procedure and Emergency Protocols
  • All the equipment used, including the gear for adventure-based programs, is rigorously tested on a regular basis to ensure compliance with global quality standards
  • All our program leaders and instructors are trained and certified by internationally accredited institutions
  • For more details on our safety procedures, please email us for ‘The Utsaah How’ document