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Risk is the potential of losing anything important and therefore is a relative term. To avoid any subjectivity in risk, we have divided risk in 2 categories – Perceived Risk and Real Risk. While we continue to use perceived risk as a legitimate tool of education, we eliminate all kinds of real risk by a thorough process of risk assessment, evaluation and management plans. While most risk assessment plans focus on physical risk, we at Utsaah believe that risk has three fundamental aspects – Physical Risk, Emotional Risk and Psychological Risk. Our approach to risk management originates from this broad definition of risk and comes from a genuine care for children. Utsaah strictly follows international standards on risk management and creates a non – threatening environment for students to learn freely. Below are some of the salient points of our Risk Management Process:

  1. Since each activity site comes with its own unique risk areas, we use well defined and separate Risk Assessment and Management Protocols for each activity areas.
  2. Risk is assessed on a detail grid of Total Risk to Absolute Safety and a risk management plan is drawn.
  3. Separate risk assessment and management guidelines for different travel modes – air, train and road.
  4. Child Protection Code.
  5. Code of Behaviour for staff members, focusing on being Sensitive, Trained, Approachable and Reliable (STAR).
  6. A thorough staff selection process with three levels of filtration.
  7. A detailed procedure for camp site selection, keeping in mind safety, aesthetics and play area.
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