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We are driven by a dream…to create a better world. A world where we care for each other. Where love…compassion…common good are coveted. Where being different is appreciated; diversity is valued. Where mistakes lead to work harder to be better. A world where concern for others is prized as much as personal success. A world where leaders of tomorrow are encouraged to explore, evolve and engage as caring individuals working towards a better world!


We believe that schools are the single most critical agents of social transformation. Moving away from assembly line education that focused only on academic performances, schools of today are endeavouring to develop ethical engagements in students. The Harvard project ‘Making Caring Common’, outlines the future of education as largely focused on encouraging students to be empathetic, caring and authentically engaged in collective good as opposed to personal achievement and academic success.

We support schools in their endeavour to take learning beyond the classroom and help in building capabilities of reflective thinking, emotional awareness, environmental sensitivity and ethical leadership in students using mediums ranging from adventure to storytelling to theatre to sustained community engagements and service.

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