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Our methodology is rooted in Experiential Learning Cycle. We believe that learning environments are created best by engaging experiences and authentic dialogue in a context that is personally meaningful to the student. We engage students in challenging experiences, allow them to struggle and emotionally scaffold them to stay engaged and not give up. At the experience state, the process focuses on physical and emotional safety of the students.

Learning is personalized through reflective practices in which a variety of mediums based on multiple intelligence are used. Personal reflection is aided by facilitated group conversations which allow students to construct their own learning. Students are encouraged and helped to develop insights in to their emotional states and discover patterns in responses and behaviours.

At the core of our methodology lies the belief that the purpose of all education is to inspire students to a state of ethical and emotional awareness leading to purposeful action in life and towards common good. Our process engages students in transfer of learning in to real life and empowers them with the vision and ability to apply learning in their own personal setting, community and beyond.

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