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Student Leadership

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader”

John Quincy Adams

The Leadership Lab aims to develop students as catalysts for social change. Through an engaging and exploring format, it encourages students to see leadership in a larger social context, and eventually develop the courage, attitude & skills for a more purposeful role in society. Inspired by the Gandhian servant leadership concept, we believe that to effect a bigger social movement for a better world tomorrow, we must become the change that we want to see around us.

Conceptual Premise

Moving from Oligarchic to Polyarchic Leadership our understanding of leadership has undergone some remarkable changes in the last 100 years. Starting with Lau Tzu in 6th century BC, concepts of alternate leadership practices gained momentum in more recent times with the seminal work of Paul Heresy & Kenneth Blanchard on Situational Leadership, and subsequently of Robert K Greenleaf on Servant Leadership, of Henry Mintzberg on Shared Leadership and eventually Ronald Heifetz’s path breaking work on Adaptive Leadership. Leadership is increasingly seen as a core competence to thrive in life and contribute meaningfully to the larger community.

We see leadership as an act of choice and primarily an action and not a position. We believe that in today’s world leadership is more about influencing and mobilizing people towards a larger cause rather using authority to make people obey. There are 3 underlying assumptions of our work on leadership:

  1. A leader’s fulfilment lies in unleashing the potential of others.
  2. Leading is different from managing or controlling.
  3. Leadership is a taking charge. Anyone can exercise leadership, even without authority.

Despite learning being messy, our methodology is based on latest scientific research in cognitive psychology, progressive pedagogy, constructivist learning and alternate leadership theories. Through a variety of proven conceptual frameworks and pioneering works of a large number of behavioral psychologists and social scientists, we have conceived the Utsaah Teaching – Learning Framework with 4 fundamentals as the core processors of our technology.

The Lab works in three stages:

Stage 1

3 Days Residential Outbound Program

Confronting Current Reality and creating a Desired State in Leadership. Developing self awareness, group identity and leadership concepts, skills and practices.

  • Unlearning Perceptions
  • Redefining Winning & reinventing ethical leadership
  • Redesigning Interpersonal Relations
  • Developing personal leadership practices
Stage 2

1 Day in – school Review

Reviewing growth and identify bottlenecks. Developing additional skills.

  • Resolving Conflicts
  • Receiving & Giving Feedback
Stage 3

1 Day in – school Review

A Review of the progress and formal closure.

  • Appreciating
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